Oil Mill

Our Mill

Our company is family managed. Our craftsmanship, tradition and quality are in first place.

For the production of our extra virgin olive oil, carefully select the best ' matches ' of taggiasca olives in the area and work in the mill of our property located in the ancient village called 'Mill', medieval crafts centre of the marquises del Carretto, Nasino in Ponente Ligure Savona. Through machining systems and without the use of chemical additives, our company also prepares other typical products always based Taggiasco olive oil; discover them all on our shop page

Working in the crusher

The olives are washed just abbacchiate, and 'Pressed' in the traditional manner using a milling 'Slow' with granite millstones and squeezing 'soft' strictly to cold. Extra virgin olive oil 'Armando Garello' is produced in limited quantities and then stored in STAINLESS steel barrels at constant temperature and light fully protected, because over time can alter the organoleptic characteristics (the same that give it its merits).This beautiful 'Mosto olive' strips and integrates in a totally natural.

The Classification of Oil

Olive oil is an edible oil is characterized by a very high content of monounsaturated fats. In the typology Virgin is derived from mechanical pressing of the olive, fruit of the species Olea europaea. Other types of goods derived from olive oil, but with different organoleptic and nutritional properties, you will get for rectification of Virgin oils and solvent extraction from olive pomace.

Trade names are strictly codified by Eu directive 136/66/EEC. The reg. EC 2568/91 and finally the reg. EC 1989/03 identified the following categories of olive oils of commerce direct:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is the oil of superior quality with the authentic flavour of Olives, being these shatter when cold and centrifuged at temperatures always in compliance with the law. Contained in less than 0.8% acidity, and is also devoid of fatty acids. Instead, peroxides have a value less than avre 20 MEO/kg.

Virgin Olive Oil

This naming is allowed to have small impurities of color, smell or taste and a maximum of 2% of fatty acids.

Olive Oil

This oil is chemically refined with quality shortcomings, correct color, smell and taste, reduces fatty acids to a maximum of 1%, wanting to make as much as possible similar to Virgin olive oil.

Olive-pomace Oil

Oil obtained from oil residues and the mass remained in the press that is chemically processed and mixed with oil of third and is surely of poor quality.

Extra Virgin Olive oil and Virgin Olive Oil are produced in a completely natural and are subject to stringent quality controls.

The Mill of 'Armando Garello' produces only Extra Virgin Olive Oil.